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The Face Behind This Blog

So, what's a Cheeky Cognoscenti? defines a cognoscente as: "a person with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly refined taste; a connoisseur" and "a person who has superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, esp. in the fine arts, literature, and world of fashion."  The word is derived from obsolete Italian, and pronounced "con-yuh-SHEN-tee" in its plural form (cognoscenti with an "i" at the end).  My favorite definition of cheeky, on the other hand, comes from the web site The Very Best of British: The Americans' Guide to Speaking British: "Cheeky means you are flippant, have too much lip or are a bit of a smart arse!  Generally you are considered to be a bit cheeky if you have an answer for everything and always have the last word."  As you're probably starting to realize, I really like WORDS, particularly unusual, colorful, precise words with layers of meaning, words that are rich with imagery and flavor.  I enjoy the discordant anachronism of mixing these two words together, with their wildly different connotations and origins.  I'm not an expert on everything I'm interested in, but I enjoy learning as much as I can and believe that all things worth doing are worth doing well.  The "cheeky" part is a reminder to keep my sense of humor and perspective throughout the disasters of daily life and not to take myself too seriously.

Me and My Sweetie

Somehow I managed to find the one man on Earth who can look past my grouchiness and various quirks and convinced him to marry me. Isn't he a cutie?  He's also "handy," unbelievably creative, and makes me laugh every day.  I’m Queen Mother of the Universe to two deceptively innocent-looking teenaged boys who suck up vast quantities of my energy and emotional reserves but who are also the light in my world. I drive myself crazy trying to be the best mom I can be, and still worry that I might not be doing a good enough job. I would include a picture of them, but they have now reached the stage where it's EMBARRASSING if your mom is blogging about you on the Internet...

I run Custom Interiors by Rebecca out of my home office during the day, meeting with clients and visiting showrooms while my kids are in school, and then switch into full-on Mommy Mode in the afternoon, chauffeuring them to violin lessons and church activities and helping with homework as needed.  When I'm not working, mothering, reading, writing, sewing, designing, or quilting, I'm probably singing show tunes at the top of my lungs.  If I'm singing something in a minor key, or anything in Latin, my Rottweilers usually start howling along with me.  They are the best canine choristers a girl could ask for!

Otto and Lulu, My Furbabies
Please note that when I review books, products, or tech gadgets or services on this blog, I do so because I feel strongly about those products and services and genuinely want to share them with others.  I do not accept any product endorsements nor do I receive compensation of any kind for my reviews.
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