Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Otto the Wonder Dog Warbles Like Whitney

Okay, so my dog doesn't actually sound at all like Whitney Houston, and neither do I.  Deep down, I know my dog is only joining in because he thinks I'm howling like a wolf, but I prefer to think that we understand one another on a deep, musical level that transcends the differences of our species.  Lulu, meanwhile, thinks we're both nuts.

And now, without further ado, I bring you Otto the Wonder Pup:

(you do have to suffer through listening to me sing the verse, however, because Otto doesn't really get into it until the refrain):


Today, I ignored the laundry, cleaned nothing and did not set foot in the sewing room.  Instead, I figured out how to make a video of my dog singing with me, which I then posted on YouTube.  I am feeling very tech-savvy.  Now all I need is a nice, hot latte and my day will be perfect!

1 comment:

Pigtown*Design said...

OMG! you have a great voice! just beautiful... and otto's hilarious. my dog's best friend sings, too. but it sounds like someone being tortured, not gorgeous like you two! go, girl!

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